About Us

Surthrive - Dropping in during a typhoon swell at Jinshan Beach, Taiwan

After learning how to survive in Beijing, China, one of the most toxic environments on the planet for a decade; our techniques, products and strategies that allowed us to maintain peak athletic performance and health there - will allow you to thrive here. Imagine Superman on Earth after leaving Krypton. That's how we feel. That's how we want you to feel.

During the process of trying to survive in the never-ending onslaught of toxic air, water, food, environment and society; we learned a lot. We also made a lot of mistakes, which we learned from, by the way. In fact, we are still learning to how thrive today, and we don't think we'll ever stop learning how to thrive. We feel so damn good!

We want to share with you how to feel like Superman without having to go to Krypton. We're here to share knowledge as well as products. The first product we want to share is our sea cucumbers, which is a family business. It was only until recently that we discovered that they're superfoods! We're excited to offer them to you, because we know how good they make use feel when we include them in our diet.

Enjoy the Surthrive!