Liver Cleanse & Health Coaching

Victor Muh in Beijing, China

After living a few years in Beijing, China, my health took a serious turn for the worst. Depression, constant fatigue, lack of energy and a lump growing under one of my nipples were just the most obvious symptoms. Western medicine didn't help. If anything, it made me more confused. Traditional Chinese Medicine brought me back from the brink, but only because I found a talented healer who practiced bone setting; a form of Chinese chiropractic medicine. While this healer brought me back from the brink, I was still far from healed. I now realise that I was full of toxins and my digestive system was seriously compromised.


The hands-down, single-most, effective boost to my health was doing a liver cleanse, more specifically, Dr. Group's liver cleanse. I cannot begin to explain the multitude of ways Dr. Group's liver cleanse has helped me. It changed my life and made me feel at least 10 years younger. You could say it saved my life, although I also give credit to Gracie Jiujitsu for that as well; since it should me just how badly my health had deteriorated. I also lost 15 pounds right off the bat, even if that wasn't at all my goal, and my abdomen got even flatter than I ever thought possible. 

Victor at 50 Years Old - He looks half his age!

Now, I do annual liver cleanses, after following Dr. Group's suggested 3 liver cleanses for two years. I've guided friends and clients through the process and have discovered that almost all of them would not have gone done the liver cleanse had I not been there to inspire and guide them. As a result, I've decided to extend my knowledge and experience of liver cleanses to anyone interested in liver cleansing, and more specifically, Dr. Group's liver cleanse. Please contact me if you're interested in doing a liver cleanse. The initial consultation is complimentary. I also offer health coaching with a focus on diet, sleep and detoxification. Contact me here.


To your health!

Victor Muh